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Do I have to worry about product cracking with tile flooring?

Tile flooring is a great way to remodel any room, with options that cater to every need. But we are often asked whether this product will crack under duress or over time.

While some situations would cause tiles to crack, we have some good news. First, it isn't likely to happen, and here are some facts about that.

What causes tile cracking?

There are several reasons that tiles crack, including heavy items dropped from a distance and excessive load bearing. In addition, porcelain and ceramic tile are hard to break because they were created to be dense, rigid, and highly resistant to daily wear.

Some products perform even better under pressure, with materials created for commercial use. They’re a perfect match for extensive wear and traffic and offer outstanding results.

Tile flooring offers excellent benefits

One of the best things about tile flooring is that it's easily adapted to various placements. In addition, it offers excellent durability for high-traffic areas and water resistance in rooms with high humidity and dampness.

In low-traffic spaces, you’ll see a range of visual choices in our tile shop in Charlottesville, VA, that give you unlimited design capabilities. And with professional installation and regular care, tile floors could exceed 50 years of lifespan.

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