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Color Name: Bank 12x24

Tile Color Name:Bank 12x24Bank 24x24Bank 24x48Bank 4x24Bank 6x24Barbican 12x24Barbican 24x24Barbican 24x48Barbican 4x24Barbican 6x24City 12x24City 24x24City 24x48City 4x24City 6x24Docks 12x24Docks 24x24Docks 24x48Docks 4x24Docks 6x24Farringdon 12x24Farringdon 24x24Farringdon 24x48Farringdon 4x24Farringdon 6x24Holborn 12x24Holborn 24x24Holborn 24x48Holborn 4x24Holborn 6x24



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