Can you customize carpet?

Can you customize carpet?

More and more people today are looking for something unique. For example, you may consider a custom carpet if you want to avoid seeing your carpet pattern in someone else's home.

Customizing a carpet differs from an area rug, although the idea is similar. With this, you work closely with a mill or on-print company to have it created per your specifications.

Why customize a carpet?

Your space may be larger than standard rug dimensions. It's not just for residential–sometimes, a hotel lobby or boat interior needs to be customized.

And, like area rugs, custom rugs are used in offices where a company logo is desired.

And, of course, it could be that you want something one-of-a-kind. It might start as a standard format, but the carpet store turns it into an exclusive product.

What rug customization entails

You might think it’s only about size, but you’d be wrong. It’s also about shape, materials, and fiber.

The classic shapes are square, rectangular, and round. You may want an oval, triangle, or something from your plans.

Advantages of the custom carpet

1.Value. It turns it into an exclusive, prestigious product.
2.Financial savings. Because it's developed according to your specifications, you order the exact size you need–you don't pay for what you don't use with your carpet in Charlottesville, VA.
3.Special orders. You can create something with a logo, brand, mascot, etc., for your office

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