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Carpeting is ideal for many areas in the home

Carpet flooring is typically chosen for bedrooms and basements. It's also a 'natural' for stairs since it cushions falls. Stair runners, which are usually installed over hardwood or tile, are a popular alternative to carpeting covering the entire stair. Eco-friendly and pet-friendly brands add to the versatility of carpeting. You can find all types of carpeting for your home at Town Flooring. We offer a wide selection of high-quality carpet in Charlottesville, Virginia. We also provide installation and interior design services.

Loop pile

Carpet that has a dense pile is durable. Pile is defined by how close the fibers are sewn into the carpet backing and the fiber strands' length. If you bend a sample into a U-shape, you shouldn't be able to see much of the backing on a top-quality product. Fibers are sewn onto the backing in loops. Brands of carpet that have a short loop pile are more durable than styles with longer fibers. This is because dirt stays on the surface where it can easily be removed. Loop heights are not always uniform. Loops can be sewn at varying heights to create striking designs.

Cut pile

Cut pile styles, less durable than loop pile styles, are created by cutting the tips' loops. To increase durability, fibers are twisted or turned. The turns per inch (TPI) number are noted on the label. TPI on most brands ranges from 3.5 to 6.0. But TPI on tightly twisted frieze styles can be 7.0 or even higher. These fiber strands tend to curl, which creates an informal look. Saxony is another cut pile style with a straight-edged pile and a more formal look. Both types work well in high-traffic areas. Cut and loop pile can be combined to create abstract designs.
Town Flooring carries loop and cut pile carpet in a range of fibers. Nylon is the most popular and durable synthetic fiber. But triexta, which appeared on the market in 2009, is also a tough fiber. Other fibers include acrylic, polypropylene, and polyester. Our installers are pros who can install all types of carpet floors. We provide services in the following locations: Charlottesville, VA, Earlysville, VA, Ruckersville, VA, Gordonsville, VA, Louisa, VA, Orange, VA, Ivy, VA, && Fluvanna, VA. Call or email to schedule a free in-home estimate for a carpet flooring upgrade.