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Is stain-resistant carpet worth it?

Carpet offers plenty of benefits and characteristics that will serve you well if it's your chosen product. One of those benefits is outstanding built-in stain and odor protection.

Some homeowners wonder, however, if it’s worth it to choose this benefit for their remodel. Here are some reasons that prove stain resistance is a benefit worth your time.

What is stain-resistant carpeting?

Several types of flooring perform well under pressure, including nylon. Nylon gives you exceptional protection against crushing and matting.

Polyester offers protection against some stains since liquids don’t soak into the carpet fibers. But built-in stain protection offers intense resistance that's perfect for parents and pet owners.

Built-in stain protection means nothing can soak into the fibers, even if it’s left for a while. And the benefit also works to alleviate odors that come from ground-in dirt and debris.

These floors are easier to clean

With this built-in benefit in place, your carpeting will be far easier to clean, whether vacuuming at home or calling in a team of professionals. You’ll see stains lifted faster with no ground in dirt, debris, or dander left behind afterward.

At our carpet store, we’ll share how to make cleaning an easier chore, adding area rugs or runners. You'll only have to clean the area rug, which is easy and quick.

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